Posters & Presentations


Poster information:

The size of a poster should be 91 cm (width) x 131 cm (height)

Posters have to be mounted on January 14, between 8.00 and 9.00 (before the start of the lectures). Poster boards will be numbered according to the numbering of the abstracts. Material to attach the poster to the boards is available.


Flash presentations:

The flash presentations are meant to advertise your poster, so use your time (maximum 2 minutes) very well! There is no time for questions, but there will be ample time for discussions during the poster session.

Flash presentations should be at maximum 3 ppt slides (4:3 format), including a first slide with title and your name. You can add co-authors but do not waste time by mentioning them. The second and third (when needed) slide can be used for results and conclusions. Animations are not possible because we will use a PDF format. After 2 minutes an alarm will tell you that your time is over and the next presenter can enter the stage. Remember, less is better and present without rushing!

For each flash session we have 10-12 consecutive flash presentations. To avoid delays in changing presentations, we need to compile each “flash” session beforehand. Therefore, we request to send your (max) 3 slides in PDF FORMAT before January 7, 2016 to Helen Bergman (