Reaching Strasbourg

reachStrasbourgBY TRAIN
Strasbourg is easy to be reached by train from all around Europe. For schedule and booking please go to the following websites: SNCF (French Railway Company); DB Bahn (German Railway Company); Trenitalia (Italian Railway Company).
Note: many discounted price are available if you book in advance.

The closest airport is the Strasbourg Airport. Other airport near Strasbourg are Basel-Mulhouse Airport, Baden-Baden Airport, Paris Airport and Frankfurt Airport.

A. Strasbourg Airport (Entzheim-Aéroport)
From Strasbourg airport, you can easily reach Strasbourg main station in 9 minutes by a shuttle train (around 4 per hour) with a frequency of up to 4 per hour:

B. Basel Airport
Basel airport is not linked directly to the railway system, but there are connections by public transport to the railway stations in Basel and Saint Louis. To go to Strasbourg, we recommend you to take a Bus to Saint Louis Train Station (Shuttle no 11 timetable) and to take a TER train (TER Alsace) to Strasbourg Main station

C. Frankfurt Airport
The Frankfurt airport is perhaps a better alternative than Paris Airport when you come from European contries or an other continent. To reach Strasbourg, there is direct shuttles operated by Lufthansa Bus (2.5 h journey, up to 7 times per day, LINK). Alternatively you can also take fast train ICE or TGV train to Strasbourg.
Important link: DB Bahn (German Railway Company).

D. Paris Airport
Paris airport is well-connected to many other airports around the world. To reach Strasbourg, you can take fast train (TGV) to Strasbourg. The journey takes 2.5 h by TGV (direct train).

E. Baden Baden Airport
To reach Strasbourg you can take Ryanair shuttle (, timed with Ryanair flights, or bus to Baden Baden and then train to Strasbourg via Offenburg.
Important link: Baden Baden airport, DB Bahn (German Railway Company), SNCF (French Railway Company).

Highways connected to the French as well as to the German networks. The French freeway network to the west and to the north, consisting of the A4, A34, A31 and A32 freeways, permits easy access of Strasbourg from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg and Sarrebruck. The south, the axis Strasbourg-Mulhouse and the A36 intersection of the A6 freeway of Beaune, opens routes in direction of Italy and Spain. The German freeway network permits access to Hamburg, Frankfort, Basel, Geneva and Milan and is less than 15 minutes from Strasbourg via Kehl. Keep some change with you as some motorways require toll fees to be paid as you travel.

Several Taxi companies are also available:
• Taxis 13 : 03 88 36 13 13
• Mondial Taxi : 03 88 22 11 11
• Allo Taxi : 03 88 22 99 99
• Taxis 7 : 06 81 32 66 60
• Taxi One : 06 19 55 53 90
• AG Taxi : 03 88 84 05 05
• Alsace Taxi : 03 90 23 62 36
• AM Taxi : 03 88 41 15 15